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Supporting Sabbaticals

Coaching and consulting to

unlock the benefits of sabbaticals

Company Consulting
Supporting HR teams to set up and amplify company sabbatical programs
Individual Coaching
Coaching support for people embarking on a life-changing sabbatical

Go Beyond a Break with Lyndall Farley

There's more to life than work

Yet so many people feel trapped in the daily grind, unable to give themselves permission to take a break and look after their wellbeing.


This comes at a huge cost to our health, our careers and our organisations. Left unchecked, it can spiral to complete burnout. 

Our working world needs a break to Pause. Reflect. Recharge.

I help people and companies use the power of sabbaticals to improve wellbeing and build a thriving workforce.

What I've learnt is that people need support and encouragement to take the breaks they need. The right tools, guidance and coaching at the right time are what shifts people into a self-care mindset so they can make the most of a sabbatical.

Book a call with me to find out how I can support you or your company

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Supporting People - Sabbatical Blueprint


Sabbatical Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions to get support, clarity and encouragement


Sabbatical Toolkit

An online Sabbatical Toolkit with a structured process and tools to support your journey


Sabbatical Support Group

A community of like-minded sabbatical goers on WhatsApp to connect and inspire

Supporting Company HR Teams

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Complete Execution Package

A done-for-you package of guidance, strategies and best practices to help you execute and manage a successful sabbatical program.

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Sabbatical Program

This tailored service will answer your questions and design solutions that are fit-for-purpose. Engage as little or as much as you like to amplify your program.

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Train the Trainer Sabbatical Workshops

Training for your HR team or in-house trainers to deliver sabbatical workshops. This builds your capacity to deliver employee engagement cost-effectively.

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Employee and Manager sabbatical toolkits that support your people at every step of their journey. Self-guided for scalability and accessability.

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Engaging leaders, managers and employees, with workshops designed to help your people at every step.

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Employee coaching packages to help smooth the sabbatical journey and ensure people return recharged, inspired and engaged.


“Lyndall is professional and empathic.  She provided a safe, supportive space for me to observe the past and explore the future using a clear grounded approach.  


I felt valued with reinforcement from Lyndall that it’s OK to be in the moment, wherever that may be.”

—  Kathleen Helfrich, Bookkeeper and Artist

Seattle, USA


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