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It's your time to thrive!

Recharge and rediscover yourself 

Coaching for mid-career professionals taking a life-changing sabbatical

Feeling lost on how to plan your sabbatical?

Not sure how to make the most of your sabbatical?

Worried a sabbatical will set your career back?

I get it.

Here's how I can help

Before your sabbatical, I'll help you

Decide if a sabbatical is right for you

Get clear on why you need a break and how to plan it

Design the timing and activities to fit your budget


During your sabbatical, I'll help you

Decompress, reflect and return energised

Figure out what's next and design your career

Rediscover yourself and start loving life again


After your sabbatical, I'll help you

Smoothly return, confident of your next career move

Stay committed to the new path you've designed

Enjoy your more balanced, fulfilling life

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Hi, I'm Lyndall

I know how transformative sabbaticals are but I also know how scary and challenging they can be


I've taken 11 sabbaticals and developed my own process to unleash their full potential - it is my blueprint for sabbatical success. I've helped hundreds of people make the most of their sabbatical and now it's your turn!


Over your whole sabbatical journey - before, during and after - I give you the guidance, structure and tools to support you at every step.


So let's unleash the potential of YOUR sabbatical!

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Here's Your Sabbatical Support Pathway


Sabbatical Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions to get support, clarity and encouragement


Sabbatical Toolkit

An online Sabbatical Toolkit with a structured process and tools to support your journey


Sabbatical Support

Unlimited email and text support for your whole sabbatical - planning to return

What do people say?

Mark Hiew, USA

“Over the course of my sabbatical, Lyndall provided a wonderful combination of contagious positivity, deep listening, sound best practices and practical advice throughout our sessions. I came away from each session feeling inspired, energized and with newfound clarity."

Nikki Doull, Netherlands

"Lyndall has supported, guided and encouraged me in dealing with redundancy, career changes, and issues within my closest personal relationships.

Her techniques were gentle, encouraging and very supportive allowing me to assimilate the new insights with patience and grace."

Theresa Knauss, USA

“Working with Lyndall in my sabbatical journey was wonderful! Lyndall knows the sabbatical process and is an astute guide, pointing out sights along the way, giving tips at each fork in the road; cheering and encouraging for a sabbatical that makes a lasting change in work and life."


Coaching Packages


Sabbatical Intensive

Sabbatical Kickstart


  • A 90 min deep dive call with Lyndall via Zoom 

  • Focused on your sabbatical challenges and working together to find solutions

  • Gets you off to a great start or gets your sabbatical back on track

  • Pre-work and post work to help you make the most of the call


Sabbatical Planning

The Sabbatical Pathfinder Coaching Program

  • Coaching to help you plan your best sabbatical, sort logistics and set your start date

  • 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions with Lyndall via Zoom 

  • Sessions fit around your schedule before you start your sabbatical

  • A toolkit of activities and templates for every step of planning your sabbatical

  • Personal WhatsApp messages and emails for support and encouragement


On Sabbatical coaching

The Sabbatical Breakthrough

Coaching Program

  • Coaching to help you make the most of your sabbatical to recharge, redesign life and work and return thriving 

  • 60 min 1:1 coaching sessions with Lyndall via Zoom 

  • Sessions fit around your sabbatical schedule

  • A toolkit of templates for every phase of your sabbatical  transitioning as your return

  • Personal WhatsApp messages and emails for support and encouragement

Sabbatical Toolkit Modules







Learn how to plan your sabbatical designed specifically for your needs. Prepare and smoothly enter your sabbatical  

Learn how to pause and decompress on sabbatical. Discover how you can use this time to recharge 

Understand where you're at in your life and career. Reimagine and discover what your next chapter will look like

Review your sabbatical insights. Come up with a plan to integrate what you've learnt into your life and work

Smoothly return to work and use your recharged energy to keep taking actions that will help you thrive

Delivered with 1:1 coaching sessions TO SUPPORT your sabbatical

This IS
for you if...

This is NOT
for you if...

  • You’re a mid-career professional feeling burnt out unsure how to plan your sabbatical to recharge

  • You’re taking a break to get your life and career back on track and want some support

  • You’ve worked hard to carve out time for a sabbatical and want it to be amazing

  • You’re already on sabbatical, feeling lost and like you’re wasting your time

  • You want travel advice or a travel agent to book travel plans

  • Taking a sabbatical is something you want to do ‘one day’ and you’re not willing to discuss plans to make it happen

  • You don’t want to think about your future or situation post-sabbatical

  • You can't access Zoom or the internet

Don't miss out on having a life-changing sabbatical

Don't stay stuck, lonely and isolated on sabbatical

Don't stay trapped and spiralling on designing your future

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I start the coaching sessions?
    As soon as you know you want to take a sabbatical we can start the sessions to set you up for success. Then we will continue to have sessions throughout your sabbatical.
  • I’m already half way through my sabbatical, can you still help me?
    Absolutely! A lot of people seek support once they on sabbatical. We’ll assess where you’re at and give you a tailored and structured approach to make the most of the time you have left.
  • Can I pick and choose what to use from the Sabbatical Toolkit?
    Yes. The toolkit is designed so you can use what you need at a time that serves you and come back to use other tools when you’re ready. It’s a structured approach with the flexibility to dip in and out of it as you please.
  • How much time will take to work with you and the toolkit?
    We will have coaching sessions for 1 hour each. I also ask you to leave 30 mins after the session to reflect and capture your insights. In between sessions you’ll often have activities to complete either from the toolkit or something else you’d like to work from the session. You can spend as much or a little time working through the toolkit – it’s totally up to you.
  • I'm worried about spending money on coach
    Coaching isn't a luxury - it's a necessity for getting faster and better results, especially when you feel stuck and overwhelmed. When your fears and blind spots keep you trapped in the struggle, a coach's unbiased perspective and expert knowledge can guide you out. If you want to make the most of your sabbatical experience having a qualified guide is a must. You're investing in yourself by taking a sabbatical, make sure you optimise that investment by getting the right support.
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