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The Employee Sabbatical Toolkit

Everything needed to support employees going on sabbatical 


An easy to use interactive toolkit


Guidance, tools, and self-reflection for every step


Helps employees plan, recharge and return thriving

Gives the business confidence that the absence will be well planned

Supporting employees at every step

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A flexible toolkit that's easy to use


Operates like a mini-webpage. 

Delivered as an interactive PDF with clickable tools and links. 

Out of the box

Available ready to go out of the box for an easy sabbatical program support uplift


Can be delivered as independent files ready to be uploaded onto your company intranet


Also able to be tailored to your policy and program with focus the on guidance your employees need

Easy to use

A guided journey for employees that's easy to use and delivers guidance at the right time


Easily add your branding for a consistent employee


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Benefits for you


De-risk sabbaticals with solid preparation and work coverage plans


Help employees get the most recharge value from their sabbatical


Scalable solution to support all employees


A tested approach to sabbaticals with proven tools and guidance

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