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Recharging Companies

Are your people burning out?


Do you want to build a healthy work/life balance culture?


Are you looking to engage and retain your best talent? 


Organisations need to go beyond unsupported leave policies and implement an integrated leave program leveraging sabbaticals and other leave options that drive real benefits.


Beyond a Break provides solutions that are designed to complement your existing strategy and benefits to improve the organisation's wellbeing culture


Our workshops, sabbatical programs and coaching solutions are designed to support organisations at every step of the way to ensure lasting change in the wellbeing and productivity of employees.

Wellbeing workshops

We deliver engaging virtual or F2F sessions designed to help your people manage their wellbeing. They learn to optimise their leave options and maximise recharge from their breaks.


You get reduced leave balances a workforce who know how to proactively use breaks to maximise productivity and minimise burn out.

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Sabbatical Programs

We work with you to design and implement a tailored sabbatical program, supported by the change enablers that build a healthy leave culture that embraces sabbaticals.


You get design workshops, a detailed implementation plan, employee toolkit and a sabbatical community to sustain momentum.

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Employee coaching

We've designed coaching packages to help smooth the sabbatical journey for employees. We ensure they return recharged, inspired and engaged, making your program a success.

You get engaged employees who've had a recharging sabbatical, ready to return and perform.


Kick start your wellbeing culture

We love talking about sabbaticals and answering your questions. Get in touch to discuss how a sabbatical program could work for you.