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Support for HR Teams

We hear you...


You are already too stretched to manage sabbaticals - We do the heavy lifting for you

You don't have experience with sabbatical programs - We guide you every step of the way

You don't have time to create things internally - Our solutions are ready to go

You worry the program won't deliver real benefits - We help you structure your program for success

Your leadership are hard to convince - We provide a solid business case and leadership engagement

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Complete Execution Package

A done-for-you package of guidance, strategies and best practices to help you execute and manage a successful sabbatical program.

The execution package contains best practice strategies, communication templates, training documentation, an implementation plan, leadership presentations, case studies and more.

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Sabbatical Program

Specialist advice and guidance focusing on your specific needs.

This tailored service will answer your questions and design solutions that are fit-for-purpose and delivered as you need them. Engage as little or as much as you like to amplify your program.

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Train the Trainer Sabbatical Workshops

In addition to delivering workshops, we can train your HR team or in-house trainers to deliver sabbatical workshops and training.

This builds your capacity to deliver employee, manager or leadership engagement workshops as you need them, cost-effectively.

Recharging Companies

Do you want to use sabbaticals to improve wellbeing?


Are you looking to engage and retain your best talent with the reward of time off? 

Do you have a sabbatical policy that isn't being used by your people?


These days, it's not enough to have a sabbatical policy, you need a sabbatical program that's supported and integrated with your wellbeing strategy.

HR teams need best practices and insights to execute a successful program.

Your people need support to make the most of a sabbatical and return recharged.

Leadership need to be onboard to support the sabbatical program.

Beyond a Break works with you to implement and amplify your company sabbatical program.


Support for your people

We support...


Employees - who want to know how to make the most of a sabbatical and feel safe to take a break

Managers - who need a wellbeing mindset to support sabbaticals and manage the process confidently

Leaders - who need to support a wellbeing culture and feel supported to take a break themselves

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Employee and Manager sabbatical toolkits that support your people at every step of their journey. Self-guided for scalability and accessability.

Out-of-the-box or customisable, interactive toolkit filled with guidance, planning tools, checklists and self-reflection exercises. 

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Engaging leaders, managers and employees, with workshops designed to help your people at every step.


Employees get support for the journey. 

Managers learn how to encourage sabbaticals and support teams.

Leaders learn how to build a wellbeing culture and set the tone at the top.

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We've designed coaching packages to help smooth the sabbatical journey for employees, managers and leaders. We ensure they return recharged, inspired and engaged, making your program a success.

We tailor the approach to each person depending on their needs.


“The leave program created the situation where our employees felt very connected to the culture and the values of the company.


We saw the commitment level rise and the level of contribution to the company rise.”

—  Brian Thiel, Managing Owner

Ghostfish Brewing Company

Amplify your wellbeing culture

Get in touch to discuss support for your sabbatical program.

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