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Benefits for people

Health and wellbeing – 70% of people returning from a sabbatical report improvement in physical health and confidence

Work/life balance – after a sabbatical, 96% of people said it improved their work/life balance

Relationships – 78% of people returning from sabbatical said they had better connections with their family

Promotion and pay – Research shows people who take time off are more likely to be promoted or to receive a raise or bonus

Life changing – 77% of people were making significant or life-transforming changes following their sabbatical

Benefits for people

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Benefits for organisations

Attracting talent – 80% of people say benefits are more important than pay. In a world with a war on talent, a sabbatical program can help you attract the best people


Retaining talent – When people return from sabbatical, they stay and thrive. In a sabbatical program for leadership, only 13% of participants moved on within a year, the majority stayed for 6 years or more years after their sabbatical


Loyalty and engagement – Studies have shown that sabbaticals create a sense of company loyalty and commitment


Improved wellness – A sabbatical program promotes work/life balance and supports a culture of wellness. 70% of people returning from improvements in physical health and confidence


Burnout prevention – 34% of sabbatical goers said they took the break to avoid complete burnout. Burnout is expensive and disruptive. Promoting extended breaks helps people actively manage their health while maintaining productivity


Succession planning – When leaders take sabbaticals it allows new leaders to step up and thrive. 79% of leaders reported that a sabbatical was critical in developing interim leaders, giving them more insight into the role


Innovation – inspiration and insight come when people are rapidly encountering new ideas, cultures and ways of working. Drive entrepreneurialism and innovation by encouraging a culture of trying new things


Improved balance sheet - Sabbatical policies can combine with annual leave to reduce leave balance accruals as a liability on the balance sheet

Benefits for Orgs
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