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Design your
Sabbatical Plan

Stuck in sabbatical planning limbo?

I hear you...

  • Dreaming of a sabbatical is easy, but turning those dreams into a concrete plan? That's where many get stuck.

  • The endless possibilities of what you could do with your time off swirl through your mind, leaving you stuck.

  • Without a solid plan, the reality of taking a sabbatical seems more like a fantasy—always just out of reach.

Let's create a clear, exciting sabbatical plan​

  • Imagine having a laser-focused plan for your sabbatical, brimming with activities that excite you.

  • Picture yourself embarking on your sabbatical journey confidently from day one, knowing exactly what steps to take.

  • This isn’t just about taking a break; it’s about making the most out of every second of your sabbatical, ensuring you return not just refreshed, but truly transformed.

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Your pathway to sabbatical clarity

This process is designed to guide you from confusion to clarity, from a multitude of ideas to a plan you're excited about.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Proven method: When I walk my clients through this, they step away feeling clear and excited.

  • Streamlined Process: A step-by-step guide to transform confusion into a plan.

  • Instructional Video: Simple, visual guidance to walk you through the process

  • Planning Template: A downloadable template to guide you with space to brainstorm your ideas

  • Supportive Emails: Motivational insights and tips, straight to your inbox.

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I'm Lyndall and I'm here to help

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Begin your adventure with clarity and confidence. The time to act is now

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