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Pitch Pack

Pitching the idea of a taking sabbatical to your boss can be nerve-wracking.


You're afraid of what they'll think. You delay the conversation, worried they'll say no.

But, you know you need a break. You're desperate to get a yes and live your dream sabbatical!


Follow this simple template and you'll look professional, organised and in control.


For a limited time, book your FREE 1:1 session with a sabbatical coach to practice your pitch!



What's included:

  • An editable PowerPoint presentation, structured to clearly present the sabbatical proposal

  • Each slide has ideas for how to present your sabbatical request to ensure it resonates and is compelling

  • Clear guidance on how to describe the win/win for you and your company

  • A structure that helps you as you step through the discussion with your boss

  • Supporting research on why sabbaticals are good for employees and business.

  • Access to book your free 30 min call with a sabbatical coach to practice your pitch

Pitch pack slide overview.png

What you'll get:

  • A step by step guide for how to structure your sabbatical request

  • A compelling way to have a conversation with your boss that puts you in the power seat

  • An approach that gives you the confidence to ask for your dream sabbatical!

  • Access to a Sabbatical Coach on a free 30 min call who will help you practice and refine your pitch so you negotiate like a pro! 

This pitch deck works! 

This template and a 1:1 Pitch Practice Session with Lyndall Farley our Sabbatical Coach, enabled Kristen to successfully negotiate a sabbatical and get the time and terms she was previously too afraid to ask for.


This is what Kristen said as she was heading off to start her dream 3-month sabbatical in Bali:

"Thank you so so sooooo much, you are a huge reason this is unfolding in the most perfect way. I might not have got what I really needed without this."

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