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Time to Thrive

It's time for your sabbatical
Recharge, reflect and return thriving

You need a break. Not just a holiday. A break that helps you break free, that gives you space and time to recharge your wellbeing, get your confidence back and get some perspective on what's next.

You need a sabbatical.


But it can be hard to make that happen.

You have fears that it will hurt your career or finances.

You worry you won't make the most of it.

You stress about what people will think if you take time off

Hi! I'm Lyndall


I used to have the corporate job, the busy work travel schedule, high pressure, high pay and... no joy.

To survive, I took extended breaks from work to pause, recharge and reflect. These sabbaticals have been my 'secret sauce' for creating the life I wanted. I designed my ideal life first, then my work to fit with that life design - and that includes regular sabbaticals!


I created the Time to Thrive program to codify the tools and processes I've used in navigating my 11 sabbaticals (yes, 11!).

I know how transformative time off can be in resetting your body, mind and soul. It can be life-changing.


Join me and I will help you make the most of your sabbatical - whatever the reason - so you can create a life you want to live, not escape.


Now is your time.

It's Your Time to Thrive

Join me on this coaching program for...

1:1 Coaching

Be inspired during your personal coaching sessions


Reflect on your life and career and

where you want to go

Life Design

Design the break you need to recharge and the life you desire


Access an online toolkit for tools, tips and guidance


Make an action

plan to build the life you want to return to

Self-guided or coach supported recharge experience
online toolkit guiding your journey
Set your own pace

The Time to Thrive Modules






Take a
Reflect on your life
Reflect on your career
Fuel your action plan
return & thrive

Learn how to pause and decompress. Discover how you can use this time to recharge and grow 

Understand your where you're at in your life and where you may desire change. Take action toward your best life.

Understand your career journey and where you want to go. Create a plan to help you progress on that path 

Review the actions you've taken so far. Create a plan for more happiness and purpose in your life 

Smoothly return to normal life and use your new energy to keep taking actions that will help you thrive

Delivered with 1:1 coaching sessions to support your journey


“Lyndall provided a safe, supportive space to observe the past and explore my future using a clear grounded approach.


Each module provided templates and small steps to building a happy life


It's been a rich growth experience.” 

—  Kathleen Helfrich, Seattle

Packages and Pricing

Discovery Session

Free coaching session 



Meet your coach, discuss needs

Free 30 min session via Zoom


Sabbatical toolkit access



Self-guided growth experience

30 min Toolkit orientation call

Sabbatical Toolkit access


5 session coaching package



Self paced coaching support

5 x 60 min coaching sessions

Sessions via Zoom/Skype

Sabbatical Toolkit access

Email support


8 session coaching package



Personalised intensive coaching

8 x 60 min coaching sessions

Sessions via Zoom/Skype

Sabbatical Toolkit access

Email support

WhatsApp helpline

Priority session planning

This is your time to thrive
Focus on yourself, your career, your life.
return from your break confident and ready to thrive

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