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Define your sabbatical purpose

When we're thinking about designing our break, we need to understand where you're at - in your career, life and with your energy levels. Understanding your current state will help you design the break that's right for you and make sure you achieve your purpose for taking a break. It doesn't matter how long your break is - days, weeks or months - what's important is to design it well to get what you need

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How to recharge on sabbatical

Relax, Control, Nourish, Detach – these are the elements to incorporate into your time off so that you can recharge your energy and reduce stress levels. This is particularly important when there are external factors that increase our stress levels.

Managing your wellbeing

Understand what makes up a well lived, happy healthy live and manage your own state to improve your wellbeing

Recovering from burnout

Recognising burnout and how to recover from it

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The Psychology of taking a break

Read the article on the psychological phases of taking a break from work. This will help you as you prepare for your break and design the right activities at the right time to get the most out of your time off

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