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How to recharge on sabbatical

Relax, Control, Nourish, Detach – these are the elements to incorporate into your time off so that you can recharge your energy and reduce stress levels. This is particularly important when there are external factors that increase our stress levels.

How to recharge on sabbatical

Read the article on the Recharge Model and answer the reflection questions

Use your notebook to answer the following reflection questions

1. Which recharge element is the most difficult for you to incorporate into your time off? Why?

2. Which recharge element do you need more of in your life? Why?

3. For each of the four elements, write a long list of ideas (at least five ideas for each element) of all the activities/actions you could do to get more of this element in your life.

4. Take your long lists, pick your favourite activity for each

5. For each favourite activity, answer the following questions

- Describe the activity

- What will this bring to your life, how will it benefit you?

- When will you do this?

- What support do you need to complete it (partner agreement, money, encouragement from a friend etc.)

6. What are the potential barriers you might face in doing these activities? How will you overcome them?

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