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Pause: Harnessing the life changing power of giving yourself a break

Updated: May 8, 2020

By Rachael O'Meara

Lyndall's Thoughts:

What I love about this book is that it steps through the reason that it's so important that we take a break and also what it can look like - from finding time for a daily pause, to organising a more extended break like a sabbatical.

It also covers how to smoothly return from a break. This can be such a jarring experience if not done well so it's fantastic advice.

Book abstract:

Feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or stuck? Discover the power of the pause. Sometimes life throws you for a loop. You’re stressed out at your job; you’re torn between work and family; your motivation and productivity are taking a nosedive. Your impulse might be to lean in and tough it out, but what you may really need to do is take a step back. Reassess your life with a clear head and dive back in with purpose and poise. In this enlightening book, Rachael O’Meara guides you through the steps of your own pause journey:

- The signs that you’re in need of a meaningful break - Planning your optimal pause—whether it’s as short as a day or as long as an epic journey - Reentering the world with renewed clarity and purpose.

Incorporating the latest findings from psychology and neuroscience and peppered with inspiring stories of successful pauses, this book will show you that the fastest way to happiness is to slow down. Whether you pause by taking a five-minute walk outside, spending a day unplugged from digital devices, or taking a few weeks off to yourself, Pause will give you the tools to find what “lights you up” and the ability to lead the most satisfying and fulfilling life you choose.


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