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Time to Thrive

Support your Employees to 

recharge, grow and learn on leave

Introducing Lyndall Farley

Founder of Beyond a Break, Facilitator of the Time to Thrive Program


This global pandemic has changed our working world


In times of crisis, businesses need to reduce costs. This often means we have to ask employees to take leave, go on furlough, take a sabbatical, just to stay afloat.


Letting them go doesn’t have to mean casting them adrift. It’s important to give them a lifeline back to your business to keep them connected and feeling valued.


The Time to Thrive program was built to help your people pause, reflect and recharge while they’re on leave. It gives them support to use the time to improve their wellbeing.


Your people will be your greatest asset when your business starts recovering so you want your people to return workfit and ready to thrive.


Let me support your people so they can this time rejuvenate and learn on leave. Then watch as they return more committed, loyal and focused on growing your business.

It's your people's Time to Thrive

A leave support program for your people


People reflect on their wellbeing, life and career direction


Teams are inspired during group coaching



Employees stay connected with each other and the company


Participants can access an online toolkit for enhanced learning


Your people come out with a wellbeing plan to help them thrive

5online modules
5 virtual coaching sessions
5weeks to pause, reflect and thrive

The Time to Thrive Modules






Take a
Reflect on your life
Reflect on your career
Fuel your action plan
return & thrive

Learn how to pause and decompress. Discover how you can use this time to recharge and grow 

Understand your where you're at in your life and where you may desire change. Take action toward your best life.

Understand your career journey and where you want to go. Create a plan to help you progress on that path 

Review the actions you've taken so far. Create a plan for more happiness and purpose in your life 

Smoothly return to normal life and use your new energy to keep taking actions that will help you thrive


“The proof is in the pudding.


For those who are returning - their attitude, their sense of mission, their sense of self-confidence is obvious.


They’re coming back raring to go.”

—  Jeff Levin, Head of HR, Finance and Operations

Ghostfish Brewing Company

Zoom call Unsplashchris-montgomery-smgTv

Case study

This is a story of Ghostfish Brewing Company's visionary response to looking after their employees during the Coronavirus crisis.


It shows that even when things are hard, a company’s strongest asset is always their people – and they should be valued.

This is your people's time to thrive
Help them improve their wellbeing, grow and learn on leave
Then return workfit and ready to thrive

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Investing in your people is an investment in your business

Pricing is based on numbers of participants and includes the 5-week program, coaching sessions and online toolkit access

Prices are from 

$199 per person


It's your People's Time to Thrive

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