Coaching services

I help people who feel stuck in a rut to recharge their wellbeing and get clarity on how they want to live life.

I believe in the power of taking time out to regain energy and focus, so you can move forward with what's important to you.

As your coach, I'm here to hold the space for you to explore your present and navigate your way to a future you design.


I'll encourage you, challenge you and support you, as you move forward. I apply curiosity and learning in a judgement-free environment so you feel safe and empowered.

I offer coaching programs and tailored packages to help you reconnect with "you" while you're taking a break so you can design and live a life you love.


Coaching packages

How does it work?


1.     Book a free trial session - we'll explore your needs and design your program

2. Complete the onboarding process and pre-work

3. Schedule your sessions with your coach

4.  Attend your online video call coaching session via Zoom/Skype

5.   Complete your actions following the session and capture all the great ideas

6. Recharge. Reflect. Transform. Live your dream life


“Lyndall is professional and empathic.  She provided a safe, supportive space for me to observe the past and explore the future using a clear grounded approach.  


I felt valued with reinforcement from Lyndall that it’s OK to be in the moment, wherever that may be.”

—  Kathleen Helfrich, Bookkeeper and Artist

Seattle, USA

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