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Want a sabbatical? Just Ask!

The most powerful strategy for embarking on your own career-sustaining sabbatical can be summarised in one word: ask! By asking the right questions and having open conversations, you can pave the way for a rejuvenating break that will benefit both you and your career.

If you don't ask, you don't get! But asking is hard! So let's break it down into a few strategies that might help you take the leap and ask for what you need.

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Ask Your Boss

In Europe, one third of companies in the Benelux region already have sabbatical policies, and this trend is on the rise globally. In the UK, 47% of companies have jumped on the sabbatical policy bandwagon and in the US the number of companies with policies has doubled to 29% since 2019. These forward-thinking companies recognise the value of providing employees with sabbaticals, leading to improved retention rates and the overall well-being of their workforce. By simply asking your boss about the possibility of a sabbatical, you may find that they are supportive and willing to accommodate your request.

Ask Your Future Boss

In today's ever-changing job market, it's common for people to switch jobs 7-12 times throughout their careers. Instead of rushing into your next role, consider negotiating a break between jobs. This time off allows you to recharge, reflect, and refocus before embarking on a new professional endeavour. Embracing a sabbatical between jobs can be a transformative experience that sets the stage for greater success in your future endeavours.

Ask Yourself

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle to taking a sabbatical is our own hesitation. We may worry about the financial implications or fear falling behind in our careers. However, it's important to reframe our perspective. Consider this: a three-month sabbatical is less than 1% of your entire career. Investing in yourself and your well-being is a wise decision that will yield long-lasting benefits. Take a moment to ask yourself what it would take to give yourself the break you deserve, and you may be surprised at the possibilities that unfold.

Embrace the Power of Asking

Asking is the key that unlocks the door to your career-sustaining sabbatical. By engaging in open and honest conversations, you can discover the support and opportunities that exist within your workplace or during job transitions. Don't let fear or self-doubt hold you back from experiencing the transformative benefits of a sabbatical. Embrace the power of asking and take the necessary steps to create a fulfilling, balanced, and sustainable career.

Remember, a sabbatical is not a luxury reserved for the few, but a valuable investment in your own growth and well-being.

Start the conversation today and set yourself on the path to a career that thrives through the power of rejuvenation.


Beyond a Break exists to support people to take career sustaining, life illuminating sabbaticals. The Sabbatical Blueprint Coaching program helps people use a sabbatical to recharge and redesign their life and work so they return thriving and ready for the next chapter.


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