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Your sabbatical journey toolkit



Why this is important

Deciding to take a sabbatical is often the most difficult step. Concerns about your career, money and the logistics of it all can often get in the way and mean we never make it happen.


By being really clear on where you’re at in life and what a sabbatical could bring to your life, you’ll get more connected why you need a sabbatical and how fabulous it could be. Staying connected to this purpose will help you overcome barriers later on.

What you'll discover

  • What is a sabbatical

  • What different types of sabbaticals are there

  • What are the benefits of taking a sabbatical

  • Understand your current state in your career and energy levels

  • Find your sabbatical purpose – what you need from a sabbatical

What you need to do

Task 1 – Read about what a sabbatical is, what you can do and the benefits. Complete the reflection questions.



Task 2 – Download and your Sabbatical Purpose Matrix Tool on finding your sabbatical ‘Why’. Follow the instructions in the tool to understand which of the four sabbatical purpose quadrants you fall into and what you need from the experience. 

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