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Making the most of a sabbatical

A sabbatical can feel like a once in a lifetime chance to take a chunk of time off work to recharge and follow your dreams. There can be a lot of pressure to make sure you do it all right and make the most of it. You can’t do a sabbatical “wrong”, but you can do a few things that will help you get the most out of the experience.

This is a really common question - "how to I make the most of my sabbatical?" To help, here is a run-down of the most popular tools and tips from Beyond a Break for making the most of a sabbatical at every phase of the journey.

Planning a sabbatical

Ask yourself - Why am I taking a sabbatical?

Before you start planning what you are going to do on your sabbatical, figure out what you need to get out of the break – reboot, refocus, recharge or reach a dream. Understanding the purpose of your sabbatical will help you design the right sabbatical experience for you.

USE THIS - Sabbatical purpose matrix

Design a great sabbatical plan

Plan your sabbatical so that it’s aligned with your sabbatical purpose. For example, don’t plan to climb Everest if you’re physically and mentally burnt out.

READ THIS - Sabbatical planning guide

Check you can afford a sabbatical

With a great plan and a few financial tips, you can probably afford a sabbatical right now. Find out by using the Sabbatical Cost Calculator.

DOWNLOAD - Sabbatical cost calculator

Convince your boss

Asking for a sabbatical can be a tricky conversation. You need to pitch it, manage the optics, and show you’ve thought about how to manage the absence. Use this Pitch Pack to help you think through all the points you’ll want to cover to frame it as a win win for both you and the business.

DOWNLOAD - Sabbatical Pitch Pack

During your sabbatical